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Beautify your landscaping with our help.

You love having a beautiful landscape surrounding your home. But keeping all those hedges and bushes trimmed, mowing your lawn, and maintaining your trees is a lot of work. Instead of trying to keep up with all things yardwork every weekend, turn your landscaping & lawn care to-do list over to us.

Landscaping & Lawn Care in Lakeland, Florida

At Elevate Home Solutions, LLC, we provide high-quality landscaping & lawn care solutions here in the Lakeland, Florida area. Some of our landscaping & lawn care services include:

  • Landscaping—Ready to put new landscaping in your backyard? We’ll work with you one on one to ensure we install landscaping that exceeds your expectations and beautifies your home for years to come.
  • Lawn maintenance—Increase your property value with our lawn maintenance solutions. We can mow, edge, fertilize, control weeds and unwanted plants, and clean up in the spring and fall.
  • Tree and shrub trimming—If not properly trimmed, trees and shrubs can detract from your curb appeal and become a nesting space for certain wildlife. We can regularly trim your trees and shrubs to keep them looking their best.

Our goal is to save you time and give you your weekends back with our landscaping & lawn care services. We’re ready and waiting to make your lawn and landscaping look their absolute best! To learn more or to get a quote for your yard, reach out to us today.

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